Drunks, Firearms, & ‘Above & Beyond’ Full-Service…

Every other real estate agent that they had spoken to told them that they would love to help them sell the property just as soon as they had taken care of their ‘occupant issue’. They thought that he was just a drunk on an extended binge. All of his roommates had moved out and he … Continue reading Drunks, Firearms, & ‘Above & Beyond’ Full-Service…

The Most Affordable Education in Northwest Arkansas!

There are a group of men in Tontitown that have been developing their skills for decades, & are willing to train you for a very nominal fee. This group has been relentless in their pursuit of the craft, & have dedicated hundreds of hours to mastering the intricacies of the processes involved with generating a … Continue reading The Most Affordable Education in Northwest Arkansas!

Our Manifesto

We believe that your individual interests are ours only to preserve, protect, and promote. We believe that your Mama was wrong, and that the World does revolve around you and your Family. We believe that it is your Story, and we are privileged to be a Character in a couple of chapters. We believe that, … Continue reading Our Manifesto